Steak With Vegetables And Potatoes


Today’s meal is Valentine’s day special.  It is very aesthetic, meaning it looks great. And it is very tasty. Continue reading to find out more…

This meal includes steak, baked potatoes, mushrooms, green pepper, carrot, eggplants.  As well as tomatoes, broccoli and finally parsley.

Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fungi that have been growing in popularity as superfoods, due to the fact that they are filled with some of the most potent nutrients in the world. So, here are the nutrients that they contain:

  • Good source of vitamin D;
  • B vitamins;
  • Contain antioxidants;
  • Minerals like selenium, copper, potassium,beta-glucans, and polyphenols;
  • Provide healthy dietary fiber;
  • Can act as prebiotics;
  • They are low in sodium and calories;
  • As well as being gluten-free;

Also here are their benefits:

  • Help in weight management;
  • Boost the immune system;
  • Destroy cancer cells;
  • Facilitate nerve regeneration;
  •  And they improve nutrition and diet quality;
  • As well as destroying viruses, yeast, and bacteria;

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Benefit of Potatoes

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Benefits of Carrots

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Benefits of Green Peppers

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Benefits of Eggplants

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Benefits of Tomatoes

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Benefits of Steak

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Benefits of Broccoli

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Benefits of Parsley

Because we have mentioned parsley many times in our previous posts, so here are its benefits:

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