Slimming Lunch Recipe With Green Peppers


The color green is good for your eyes, but this lunch is good for your weight. Because of that go and make this greeny slimming lunch recipe with only one ingredient, green peppers.

This vegetable is a good supply of vitamins and minerals. You can lose weight because it is low in calories and contains 0 grams of fat.

First, the ingredients of the lunch:


  • Green peppers 

Second, the health benefits of the lunch.

Health Benefits

Here is a list of some health benefits of green peppers:

  • Reduces your risk of certain chronic illnesses.
  • larger amounts of antioxidants.
  • The antioxidants in vegetables may reduce free radical damage. In fact, free radicals can cause cell damage which the compounds can lead to inflammation, heart problems, and cancer. 
  • Green peppers also contain zeaxanthin.
  • Zeaxanthin keeps your eyes healthy.
  • Also, reduce your risk of age-related eye disorders.
  • Because green peppers contain a large amount of vitamin C you’re less likely to develop infections, and your teeth, skin, gums, and blood vessels work more efficiently and they are healthier.
  • Also, green peppers contain vitamin E, which helps you to protect your cells from damage and also supports a strong immune system.
  • They contain 2.6 grams of fiber toward the daily recommendation of 20 to 24 grams for women and the 29 to 35 grams for men. When you take enough fiber you’re less likely to get constipated or develop hemorrhoids, which means your digestive system works more efficiently. 
  • Also, getting enough fiber reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease, lose weight and keep you feeling full for a long time. 

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We got the conclusion that green pepper is always a great choice no matter if they are eaten fresh or added to some lunch recipe.



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