The Cuisine Of Japan : Vegetable Dumplings


Today we will be adding another entry to our posts about the Japanese cuisine. This dish is actually not specific only to Japan but in other Asian countries as well, such as China.  If this peaked your interest, please continue reading…

Vegetable dumplings are the dish that we’re talking about, and they’re  very famous and also traditional.  Vegetable dumplings are made up of several ingredients.


  • Shredded carrots;
  • Red bell peppers;
  • Cabbage;
  • Hoisin;
  • Scallions;
  • Ginger;
  • Eggs;

Eaten together with soy sauce.

Benefits Of Carrots

To read about the benefits of carrots, follow the link:

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Benefits of Cabbage

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Benefits Of Ginger

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Benefits Of Eggs

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Benefits of Scallions

  • Aid in weight loss;
  • Help blood clotting;
  • Boost immunity;
  • Enhance heart health;
  • Improve Bone Health;
  • Possibility of blocking cancer growth;

Scallions are overflowing with vitamin K.  Furthermore, just half a cup can even exceed the recommended daily amount of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a beneficial nutrient for many different aspects of health. But it has a critical role in blood clotting. Blood clotting is important in order to prevent excessive bleeding as a result of an injury. If your levels of vitamin K are lower than normal, this can lead to easy bruising and bleeding, typically from the gums or the nose.

Another very important benefit of scallions is their cancer-fighting property.  They contain a compound called allicin. Allicin is known for its cancer prevention ability. In a study from China,  by treating stomach cancer with allicin, it simultaneously stopped the growth of cancer and helped killed off cancer cells. 

Benefits of Red Bell Peppers

  • Low in calories;
  • High amount of vitamin C;
  •  Contain  beta-carotene, which is abundant with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits;
  • Contain Vitamin E and B6;
  • Contains capsaicin, which reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol, controls diabetes, brings relief from pain and eases inflammation.




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