NEVER Eat These White Stripes On Meat


White stripes cause cholesterol. Increases many risk factors for heart diseaseDegrades the quality of the chicken meat, while increasing fat content 224%. In this article, we will give advises on how to protect against the harms of white lines-stripes and how to select real meat…

These white stripes are a sign that there is muscle disorder in the chicken. As you can see carefully, it is easy to see that these white lines stand parallel to the muscles found in chicken meat. Nowadays, most of your protein needs come from chicken meat. Cheap, tasty and easily accessible compared to other meats. Chicken meat production is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, the increased demand for chicken meat leads to manipulation of chicken meat.

Chickens Are Genetically Manipulated

Chickens are genetically manipulated to grow very big and very fast. The hygienic environment in many factories is very awful. A consequence of this, unhealthy chicken muscles, lowers the quality of meat. According to the results, the number of white-striped chicken meat is increasing year by year. So much so that researchers notice that there are white lines in 96% of 285 winged animals.

As A Consumer, What Should We Pay Attention To In This Regard?

If the issue is so important, of course, we have to be more careful as a consumer. When it is thought that chicken meat is more economical than red meat, it is not easily possible to give up on it altogether. At that time, it is important to choose reliable places for chicken meat and to check it well before you get the meat.

How To Consume Chicken Meat?

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