This Salad Is Excellent For You Because…


Today we have yet another salad for you. This salad has three ingredients that are very healthy and beneficial. Continue reading to find out what makes this salad so special…

The ingredients are as follows:

  • Lettuce;
  • Cucumber;
  • Radish;

The health benefits of these three vegetables have been mentioned in several of our previous posts. For example, benefits of lettuce:

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Next, the benefits of cucumbers:

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And finally, the benefits of radishes:

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Radishes

But I feel like we haven’t listed all the benefits of radishes. They are a root of the Brassica family, to which red cabbage from our previous post belongs too. The radish has been all over the world and is ancient, so much that it has even been mentioned in historical Chinese annals as early as 2,700 B.C. Radishes have been cultivated in Egypt even before the pyramids were built. Greeks and Romans wanted them to be as big as possible and served them with honey and vinegar. By the 1500s radish cultivation even reached England, Germany, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In Britain, radishes had both medicinal and culinary uses. Radish’s medicinal uses usually them being used to treating kidney stones, bad skin, and intestinal worms. The reason why it worked was that the colonists brought radish seeds with them to the New World.

Radishes are still a very popular garden crop. Because they are planted and harvested early and are seemingly impervious to light frost. When you harvest or buy red radishes, you should make sure they’re not too large or they’re likely to be hollow or pithy. In cooking the greens and the roots are used, especially with additions like spinach. But, it’s very important to wash them well and to make sure they’re not limp or yellow. You should wash, remove the greens from the top, and place them in plastic baggies with a paper towel at the bottom, before refrigerating them. Doing so optimizes moisture content from the rest of the radish as well as helps keep the radishes fresh for about a week.  Sliced, they make a quite a lively and fresh addition to sandwiches and salads.






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