Chamomile And Sage Tea

Chamomile And Sage tea it’s an interesting combination to make same warm or cold tea.

Chamomile which can also be spelled ‘camomile’ has many health benefits. Here they are:

  1. First of all, it’s very important for me to write that Chamomile tea benefits your body, mind, and spirit!
  2. Second, this herbal tea eases insomnia, so take chamomile tea and sleep better; 
  3. Also, it boosts your immune system;
  4. Also, banishes menstrual cramps;
  5.  Therefore it’s good for your skin, so chamomile is also famous in skin care products;
  6. Also it cure-all for a multitude of physical and emotional health concerns;
  7. Benefit for mind and spirit? – YES. Why? – Chamomile tea can ease anxiety and depression;
  8. Fight a cold with chamomile tea or treat irritation from chest colds;
  9. Mood stabilizing;
  10. Migraine treatment;
  11. Cure for slow-healing wounds, abscesses, gum inflammation;
  12. Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, chickenpox, and diaper rash;
  13. Prostate problems reduced;
  14. Death to Demodex mites;
  15. Steaming and tea bag compress for puffy eyes or dark circles;
  16. Reduce swelling;
  17. Also, it is Melia-toxicity;
  18. Hair dandruff treatment;
  19. Blond hair treatment;
  20. Soothes gastric reflux;
  21. Control diabetes;
  22. Natural hemorrhoid treatment;
  23. Calms muscle spasms;
  24. Therefore fights cancer;
  25. and much more…

*For skin problems you can use chamomile in an infusion or bath, or as a tincture, which is a concentrated extract mixed with alcohol. 

How about the Sage tea with his Latin names Salvia officinalis and Salviae folium?

Well… therefore here is a list of all the health benefits:

  1. Anti-inflammatory;
  2. Antiseptic and antibacterial;
  3. Reduces muscle tension;
  4. Relieves indigestion;
  5. Relaxant;
  6. Reduces menopausal symptoms like sweats;
  7. Improve memory;
  8. Anti-fungal;
  9. Anti-hydrotic;
  10. Anti-inflammatory;
  11. Anti-microbial;
  12. Anti-septic;
  13. Anti-spasmodic;
  14. Anti-viral;
  15. Aromatic;
  16. Astringent;
  17. Carminative;
  18. Emmenagogue;
  19. Oestrogenic;
  20. Spasmolytic;
  21. Vermifuge;
  22. Antioxidant effects may improve liver function;
  23. and also much more…

*Sage should not be used by a pregnant woman or by people who have epileptic fits! (good to know).

Therefore as a result of everything we know:

To make the tea you’ll need…

  • First of all, you’ll need one chamomile tea bag and one sage teabag or 1 heaping teaspoon loose-leaf chamomile tea or dried chamomile flowers and the same for sage tea;
  • 8 oz. (about 250 ml) fresh, delicious water, brought just to the boil;
  • Also after 10 minutes you can add same ice to the water if you want it cold;
  • You can add these optional additions to taste which is three, for example, such as honey, lemon, or mint;

In conclusion, we find out that tea has many benefits and we should be drinking it every day and every moment…

Take care. 



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